Cost effective way of Exception tracking

I am a firm believer of Release early, release often enabling the user to help define what the software will become. However it can make life very hard as it is impossible to catch every bug before sending it out into the wild.

Tools like BugSense, Sentry provide a way to get bug reports automatically sent when an app crashes on an actual customer’s device.

Exception Tracking, like unit testing, should be considered from day one of a project. It is a valuable tool, not a tedious task. It should be second nature than an afterthought.

Some Advantages of using such tools

  • Quality Metrics
  • Error Insights
  • Real time
  • Integrates Everywhere (Across devices and languages)

Due to cumulative changes in the ways software developers and end-users use Web, error tracking is a must for current web apps.

List of some exception tracking services


My personal favourites are BugSense and Sentry for tracking errors in my iOS, Javascript, Ruby and Rails projects.

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