Leadership is not management

Times have changed. Leading creative people requires more than old management practices.

Evolution of Skills and Jobs

  • Dictatorial to democratic - Leader need to listen to their people and use their input to create strategy and make collaborative decisions.
  • Transactional to transformational - Leaders need to inspire and help develop their team members so they can lead themselves and others.

Why Leadership is important

Leading is about creating an environment where people can nourish. Benefits are almost a side effect of having this environment

What does leadership looks like in 21st century?

For me a true leader needs to be transformational. Where the sum of all actions is greater than their parts.

Transformational leadership is a theory of leadership where a leader works with teams to identify needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change in tandem with committed members of a group; it is an integral part of the Full Range Leadership Model.

What Leadership is NOT?

It is not a rank or a position. If you have decided to look after a person on the right and a person on the left you are a leader.

Leadership is a mindset

If you are interested in learning more I have a Mind Map exploring Mindful Leadership - https://www.rahultrikha.com/mindful-leadership/

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