Features of a successful Technical Spike

A technical spike is a type of work that helps identify and evaluate technical options.

So what makes a spike successful?

  • Timeboxed - Have a fixed time frame (1 day, 1 week, ...). Please don't leave it open-ended
  • Iterative - It is a time to experiment and learn, don't try to make perfect. Start small and increment
  • Focused on Learning - Aim is to discover, learn and spot the unknows
  • Outcome-based - Decide on what success looks like before starting (e.g. Spike Elastic Search )
    - What feature of elastic search?
    - What is the minimum viable prototype requirements to uncover if this is the right fit?  
  • Without Commitment - It should be done without bias, and the learnings should determine the outcome
  • Validate Options - Go through each option and test it out. Don't make assumptions
  • Better Estimation of work required - Understand the difference between the time needed to test something vs making it production-ready
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